Path over Water | 2009-2010

New Impressions | 2002-2005

Raising | 2001

Impressions | 1999-2001

At Heaven's Gate | 1997-1998

Air'96 | 1996-1997

The Wine | 1996

The Scale | 1995

Closed Garden | 1994


In the Name of the River | 2013 - 2015

August Dream | 2011 - 2012

Drawings | 2010

Traces on Water | 2006-2009


French Riviera | 2009


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Dec. 2008 I have presented the doctorate thesis “The landscape – state of mind and expression”, for which I have received “magna cum laude” Casa Matei, UAD Cluj.

2004-2008 PhD in visual arts.

2000 Workshop in arts management: "From Here to There" / The Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University, The Netherlands.

1994-1995 MFA,"Ioan Andreescu" Visual Arts Academy, painting department.

1994 Master Class in painting with Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, course organized by the Amsterdam Summer University and Amsterdam Institute for Painting.

1988-1994 "Ioan Andreescu" Visual Arts Academy, painting department – Cluj.

1988-1990 Ceramic Department.

1990-1994 Painting Department.

Graduation diploma obtained in 1994 ("The Icons on Glass from Transylvania, XVII th- XIX th cts").

1979-1987 High School of Fine Arts, Cluj-Napoca. Ceramic Department. B.F.A obtained in 1987.




2015: Art Camp “Painting encounters in Danube Delta”, Crişan, Tulcea - Romania

2010: "Inter-Art" International Art Camp Aiud, XVth edition

2004: “Cultural Praiseworthy Medal”, awarded by the Romanian Presidency.

2000: Laz '99 International Art Camp, Laz - jud. Alba / Workshop in arts management: "From Here to There" - The Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University, The Netherlands / Soros Foundation Travel Grant.

1999: Laz '99 International Art Camp, Laz - jud. Alba.

1997: 3rd Annual Jurbarkas International Creative Artist Camp (grant), Lithuania.

1996: Resident Artist, Vermont Studio Center (grant) - Johnson, VT, USA / Soros Foundation Travel Grant.

1994: Master Class in painting with Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, course organised by the Amsterdam Summer University and Amsterdam Institute for Painting.

1993: Prize for painting awarded by Accademia Internazionale Fanum Fortunae in "Fanum Fortunae e Pisaurum" competition, Fano, Italy.




2015: “Watermark” Artfooly The Slice of Art Gallery, Bucharest / “In the Name of the River”, Cluj Art Museum, Cluj

2014: “Magic River”, Napoca 15, Cluj

2012: “August Dream”, Hangar Gallery, Cluj

2011: Central Art Gallery, Cluj

2009: HIM Gallery, Cluj / DNS Gallery, Graz, Austria / Fortuna Galleries, Cluj / Arcade 24 Gallery, Bistrita, Romania

2008: Casa Matei, UAD Cluj

2007: “Traces on Water”, the Old Gallery, Cluj

2006: Markus Prepress's Office, Cluj / "The Magic Garden", Länderzirkel auf Reisen, Trinkhalle Kurhotel Dr. Kipper, Bad Gams, Austria

2005: P & B Gallery, Cluj

2004: Auschlößl - Interkulturelles Cafe und Begegnungszentrum, Graz, Austria / Kuga Cultural Centre, Grosswarasdorf, Burgenland, Austria / "Gallery Day & Night", Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, Center, Milwaukee, WI, USA

2003: Open Studio Party & violin concert sustained by Titus Flueras- Besa, Prislop 8, Cluj / Val House Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2002: VKB Bank, Linz, Austria / Aula Romaniae Gallery, Romanian Cultural Centre, Vienna, Austria / "Impression", the Old Gallery, Cluj, Romania

2001: "Impression, Le Soleil…Levant (Byzance), Romanian Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark / "Impression, Sunrise", National Museum of Art, Cluj

2000: Sindan Cultural Centre, Cluj

1999: Cuyler St. Gallery, Port Elisabeth, South Africa

1998: “At Heaven’s Gate 2”, The Old Gallery, Cluj / “At Heaven’s Gate 1”, Alianta Artelor Gallery, Cluj

1997: C. Brancusi Gallery, Parliament of Romania, Chamber of Deputies, Bucharest / "Air '96", The Old Gallery, Cluj

1996: Atelier Libre Gallery, Ottweiler, Germany / "The Vine 1", The Old Gallery, Cluj / "The Vine 2", Bucharest Bank, Cluj

1995: Credit Fond, Cluj / "The Scale", Napoca 15 - Cluj

1994: Helios Gallery - Timisoara , Romania

1991: Art Gallery, University Library, Cluj




2015:   “MUS1C”, Artfooly The Slice of Art Gallery, Bucharest / “Painting encounters in Danube Delta” U Art Gallery, Bucharest / “Art Safari 2015” Art Fair, Bucharest / "Intercultural Links", United Nations Palace, Geneve, Switzerland.

2014: “An object of beauty”, Silvia’s Art Gallery, Cluj / “Inter-Art & Jacek”, Transylvanian History National Museum, Cluj / “Summer play”, Silvia's Art Gallery & Ethnographical Museum of Transylvania, Cluj / “Art mean power” Silvia’s Art Gallery, Cluj / “Pro Galeria”, Tailor’s Tower, Cultural Urban Center, Cluj

2013:“Freedom and art without borders” European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

Montreux Art Gallery – 9ème Salon d’Art Contemporain, Montreux, Switzerland / Artexpert Gallery, Cluj  / Joanna Dürig Gallery, Schwanden-Glarus, Switzerland / Rotary Club’s  Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sutu Palace (Museum of Bucharest), Bucharest

2012: GZ-Art Basel, Switzerland / Habitat Auction, Cluj / Quadro Auction 10, Quadro Gallery, Cluj

2011: INTER-ART, Vichy, France / Quadro Auction 8, Quadro Gallery, Cluj / 2011 International Tsai-mo Fan Art Exhibition, Taichung City Cultural Center, Taiwan / Spring Auction, Quadro Gallery, Cluj

2010: St'art Art Fair, Strasbourg, France / 2010 International Tsai-mo Humanistic Art Exhibition, Taichung City Cultural Center, Taiwan / "Inter-Art" Galleries Aiud, Romania / „The portrait” International Mail Art Exhibition, History Museum Aiud, Romania

2009: International Tsai-Mo Graffiti-Art Exhibition, Taichung City Cultural Center, Taiwan / Art Museum, Zalau, Romania

2008: 0+0 Gallery, Valencia, Spain / HIM Gallery, Cluj / Fiuggi, Roma, Italia

2007: 6th Taichung Tsai-Mo Art Festivel, Taichung Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan

2006: "Interart 2006", The Old Gallery, Cluj

2005: Gallery Theatre de Poche la Grenette, Vevey, Switzerland / Erste Bank, Mödling, Austria / KH Wiener Neustadt, Austria

2004: Romanian Cultural Centre, Vienna, Austria

2003: “A Mid Summer’s Night Scream”, Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Temple-Center, Milwaukee, WI, USA

2002: Omma Gallery, Omma Centre of Contemporary Art, Chania, Crete, Greece

2001: "Et in Venetia ego", National Museum of Art Cluj / Finansbank, Cluj / "Visionen 2001", Bad Kissingen, Germany

2000: "Et in Venetia ego", Istituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica, Venice, Italy / Pecsi Galeria, Pecs, Hungary / "on-line Ausstellung ART SUMMER 2000" at Geli's Virtual Gallery, Altenstadt, Germany / "Laz 2000", National Museum of Art Cluj / "Liber Studiorum", National Museum of Art Cluj

1999: Gartenflugel Gallery, Ziegelbrucke (GL), Switzerland / Sebes Cathedral, Jud. Alba / Celtica Gallery, Edinburgh, Edinburgh International Internet Festival, U.K. / Alliance of Arts Gallery, Cluj-Napoca

1998: International Exhibition, Art Gallery Resita, Romania

1997: Cultural Centre Jurbarkas, Lithuania

1995: National Museum of Art Cluj / "Atelier 35",Caminul Artei Gallery Bucharest

1994: Aschenbach Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1993: Fano, Italy

1992: Nae Ionescu Cultural Centre Festival, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada / National Theatre Exhibition Hall, Cluj

1991: Romanian's Contemporary Art, Zwolle, The Netherlands

1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995: Annual Show of Painting & Sculpture, Cluj County, UAP's Gallery

1984: Ceremonial Hall of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Ankara, Turkey




National Museum of Art, Cluj / Romanian Parliament Picture Gallery Collection / Cultural Centre, Jurbarkas, Lithuania, Nae Ionescu Cultural Center, Canada / Omma Contemporary Center, Chania, Greece / Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center, Milwaukee, WI, USA / Romanian Cultural Centre, Vienna, Austria / Romanian Embassy from Copenhagen, Denmark, KUGA Cultural Centre, Großwarasdorf, Austria / ING Bank Cluj.




Romania, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, USA, Canada, Israel, Greece, South Africa, Hungary, Italy.




2004-2008 Partner, P&B Gallery, Cluj

2004-2005 Preparator, University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca.

2001-2008 Webmaster, manager Cluj Art On Line Gallery

From 1997 President / co-founder of the Arta Foundation, Cluj-Napoca.

1995 professional scenepainter at the National Theatre, Cluj-Napoca.

1989 Designer at I.C.P. Cluj, Romania.

1988-1990 Sculptor at the Cooperativa Constructorul Cluj, Romania.




1996 performed the scenography of the "Blue Bird" show, by M.Maeterlinck, at The International Theatre Festival from Orthez, France.

1993 performed the scenery of the "Nuts Cracker" ballet, organised by International Ballet Society Washington, D.C., USA, in Bekescsaba, Hungary.

1995 professional scenepainter at the National Theatre, Cluj-Napoca.

1989 co-worker of the old church restoration in the Rimeti Monastery, Transylvania.





Member of the Romanian Artist Union (U.A.P.) Cluj-Bistrita Branch

Founding member of Rotary Club Cetatuie Cluj-Napoca, District 2241

Member of FITMA (Federation of International Tsai-Mo Artists), Taichung,Taiwan